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 Tank Specs

Capacity - 32 gal.

Width x Length x Height  - 17 3/4 x 26 x 26 1/4

Weight Full - 276

Pump Size needed - 700


The space-saving oblong PF-32 comes ready to fish. Connect to your bait pump and you're off for the fishing grounds. PF-32 comes with an additional drain at half water level, allowing the water to be run half full, reducing weight. The low profile PF-32 fits under most leaning posts, or mount on your swim step. Like all Pro Flow tanks the walls are smooth with baffles flush to the tank walls and nothing for the fish to collide with. All models come with molded  lids and (L) bracket hold down kit.

Schooling species of bait fish breath from swimming while allowing water to pass over their gills. When held in the relative small confines of a bait tank the fish suffer from lack of oxygen as they can not swim fast enough to provide enough water to pass over their gills. 

Pro Flow thanks, with their patented directional flow water inlet baffle, allow water to enter evenly throughout the entire water column. The slots in the baffle plate are cut at an angle, directing water against the side wall and creating a circular directional flow. This flow actually pushes fresh, oxygen-rich water over their gills--which keeps the fish swimming in the same direction and reduces collision, a major cause of scale loss in bait tanks.

A no-clog drain baffle provides drainage over the entire water column.  The molded-in slosh guard keeps slosh and wet decks to a minimum. The light dome in the bottom of the tank eases night time access and prevents fish from hitting the walls in the dark. All tanks come with mounting (L) brackets and a durable molded cover and are covered by a no-nonsense 5-YEAR warranty.

Call us if you have questions:  Livebaitlarry is the founder and inventor of the Kodiak bait tank. Larry sold Kodiak several years ago but continues to make parts for the tanks today.


  • 8 feet of 3/4 reinforced inlet hose. 
  • A plastic elbow with 3/4" barb.
  • 6 hose clamps.
  • 1 garden hose fitting with 3/4" barb.
  • 6 cabel ties and pads
  • An EZ-Release Bracket and a submersible 12 volt centrifugal Rule pump.
  • Bait Net

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PF-003 Quick Disconnect Pads shown to left allow you to remove the tank quickly from your boat without having to undo screws from the deck or leave the (L) brackets on the deck.  Comes with (4) pads that are black anodized aluminum and stainless mounting hardware.  The pads are 1/4" thick x 1" wide by 2 1/2" long.  The edges and corners are full radiuses so you can walk or sit on them without injury. 

The pads permanently attach to the deck and the (L) bracket screws into the pad.

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