PFTT-400 Double Tuna Plumbing Kit


  Double Tuna Tube Plumbing Kit


         This kit is designed for plumbing (1) set of double tuna tubes with a Rule 3700 GPH high output bait pump. PUMP NOT INCLUDED  The kit includes a 1 1/2" manifold, 1" ball valve for adjusting flow, (2) thru transom fittings with Gator -Loc quick disconnect fittings and stainless steel hose clamps and 5 feet of 1 1/2" pump hose and  25 feet of 1" vinyl reinforced hose.   The use of a Rule 3700 GPH pump requires a 1 1/2" thru Hull also available from LBL.
Model PFTT-400


This thru transom or bulkhead fitting is for use with non-potable water and at low pressure such as is the case
with centrifugal style bait pumps. Do Not Mount This
Fitting Below The Water Level Of Your Boat. 
Location is critical for location of your fitting. When
using centrifugal style pumps (non self priming) your hose run from the pump should go up hill and dips, loops, low spots, must be avoided in order for the pump  to prime and be able to clear air-locks when they develop. The best place to put this fitting when going thru a transom is as close to the swim step as possible, then allow
the hose to go up to the bait tank or tuna tube.
Start by drilling a 1 5/16 hole thru your transom or bulkhead. If you are drilling thru a transom you will have to drill and chisel as you go due to the thickness of most transoms. Prior to tightening the lock not down apply
marine sealant to both sides of the transom or bulkhead where the pipe passes thru. Install the pipe thru your
transom or bulkhead and tighten the lock nut. Normally the lock nut goes inside the boat as shown in photo # 1, no not over tighten it or it will break. Using a hack saw cut off the excess leaving 1 1/4” of thread PAST the nut
Prior to attaching the Gator Lock fitting and the elbow to the treaded pipe wrap the treads with a minimum of 5 wraps of Teflon tape to prevent leaking. The Elbow shown in photo #1 has a black mark on one end. This end must be screwed into the pipe as it is tapped for a straight thread like the pipe. 
The Gator Lock fitting has a rubber washer inside,
be careful not to allow it to fall out. Applying a small amount of Vaseline to the washer will allow for smoother operation also. 
Remember to use high quality marine grade hose and all stainless steel hose clamps. This fitting is designed for
1” hose.   Use the valve to regulate the flow into one tube when the other tube does not have a bait in it. With out the valve all the water will come out the tube with out a fish in it due to the back pressure created in the tube that has a fish in it. All thru-hulls should be closed when the boat is left unattended or not in use.


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